5 Easy Ways to DIY Decorate Lampshades at Home

Decorating lampshades can be a fun and easy project with a number of ways to decorate them with simple raw materials you usually have at home. From lace, paper, leaves and tinted paper, the ideas are endless and simple to up do your old lampshades for a new and refreshing look at home.

  1. Fabric glue and twine

One of the most fun and creative ways to decorate a lampshade is to dip a spool of twine into a bowl of fabric or white glue and soak the thread in the solution. Once the glue has been soaked, simply wrap the twine around the old lampshade and let it dry. Alternatively, you can wrap the twine around an inflated balloon and pop it once fully dry, this results in a beautiful twine hollow globe that you can not only for lampshades but even use them on decorative hanging lights. This method is a little messier than the others but its result is very professional and décor-worthy. It can be taken a step further and incorporated as a theme for the whole house with hand-made interior décor using the same principle.

  1. Tinted Paper

Create a beautiful night lampshade by using tinted paper easily found at the stationary shop. This paper is translucent and usually comes in colours that resemble stained glass, like blue, green, red and yellow. Imagine the possibilities with such a beautiful raw material. You can easily create a mosaic effect on a hard board and place the paper on the lampshade structure or completely create a bi-coloured glass pane-effect instead of a mosaic effect. This is a fun family project that you can easily do with your little ones, as they can paste the tinted paper with glue, while you cut the shapes to size.

  1. Leaves, Buttons and all things nice

Get creative and use a mixture or just one of the many little collectible you have around your home. From buttons to ribbons wrapped and dotted around a hardboard can create a lovely custom hand-made lampshade can add a unique and homely feel to your room. Go outside and pick up a few leaves that have fallen and dried with veins that would show well through an illumination. Paste the leaves on the lampshade to create a warm look that would bring a smile to anyone who sees such a simple and creative piece of art.

  1. Elegant white or cream lace

If you’re looking for a more elegant and sophisticated look, consider choosing some lace to go with the rest of your room décor. Simple decide whether you want to wrap your lampshade in full lace which would give it a graceful effect once switched on, or if you want to use the lace as a lining to create a simple fine finish that won’t affect the lighting given out by the lamp. Either way, lace is a great way to spruce up your room with a touch of finesse and class.

  1. Plain black paper and texture

This method requires a little creative thought as you will need to sketch your idea on paper, cut it out and paste it on the main lampshade. A few examples of what you can do with textured black paper is to create an inverted negative light effect. Try cutting out a shape of a dove or a cityscape and pierce tiny holes with a pin to create the effect of lights or cut out shapes on the building for windows. Paste the black textured sheet onto the main lamp shade and watch how the paper work transforms into something completely wonderful!

Easily follow these methods to up do your old lampshades and more than anything else, have fun while you do it!

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