Things to Consider When Sprucing Up Your Home

When considering to give your home a facelift, but challenged with budget and skill constraints, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the task at hand and give up even before you’ve started. In order to avoid this feeling of defeat, it is best to set a structure in a place and break down the work load into easy and manageable parts. Below is a few essentials to keep in mind and to guide you through the process of your home improvement project. It’s best to divide your home into parts like your entrance, interiors, walls & flooring, fixtures, and lighting.

  1. Don’t neglect your entrance

When considering home improvement, it’s easy to forget catering to your entrance, as it’s usually the place where you spend least time. However, the entrance to your home is the first impression to anyone you welcome home, and its sets the mood for what’s in store inside your home. If you’ve got a garden based front yard, make sure you theme your space with garden décor like garden chairs, cobble pathways, well-grown grass, hanging plants, well-trimmed hedges, and even a water pond. This form requires high maintenance as weeds and overgrowth of plants and grass can ruin the look. If you have a fully-paved entrance, you can go for a low maintenance option, but will easily look bare on the onset, unless you decorate with fancy paved stones or mix the two landscapes to strike a balance.

  1. Go creative with wallpapers

A simple way to spice up your home, would be to consider doing up your walls with simple and creative wallpapers that you can easily DIY with a little masking tape and paint. From geometric patterns to ombre textured effects – you can easily use create these effects using tissue, old fabric and tape, with a multitude of online resources to feed your inspiration. Go bold with smaller rooms like store closets and guest toilets to compensate for the lack of space, with vibrant colours to make a bold statement.

  1. Curtains and lighting go together

Curtains are easily seen as a simple commodity used only to cover windows from the outside world or to keep out light. However, if you put a little effort into selecting the right curtains to match your room’s theme it can make a great difference. Consider how sunlight falls in through your windows during the day, and draw your curtains to create a luxurious flood of natural light in your home during day. Select either lace, heavy or patterned curtains and don’t forget to raise your curtain pelmet a few inches above the actual window frame to create a taller grander look.

  1. Replace old faucets

Replacing your old faucets to shiny new ones not only give your space a brighter look, but also helps you functionally. Go creative with your faucets, as you can now plan a new décor theme for the specific room from vases, frames, curtains, and mirrors to match.

Start your planning process for your home improvement project with the above and expand with a little more thought. The list is endless but home improvement projects are always easier and more enjoyable to embark on, the more prepared you are.

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